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 The Vine Scented Soy Candles Profitable Fundraiser

Our scented 100% soy candles is a unique product with a proven track record to bring profits to any small or large group interested in raising revenue.  In addition to being a profitable fundraiser with 50% markup, it is an excellent community outreach.  Our company has taken a rather ordinary product, soy candles, and transformed it into a wonderful gift item that is elegant and beautiful, deliciously fragrant, with comforting and inspirational verses that glow beautifully when lit.  Candles, particularly soy candles, give the consumer the candle of preference and a product they regularly purchase.  Women, in particular, absolutely love this beautiful gift of inspiration with warm and soothing aromas.

The Vine Soy Candles fundraising is a simple and effective way to raise money for schools, churches, mission trips, youth groups, sporting events, budgetaryneeds, playground equipment, curriculum needs, and building or equipment purchases, etc. 

Apple Soy Candle

The Vine Candles combine natural 100% soybean wax, cotton (no metal) wicks and superior quality fragrance oils, for a deliciously fragrant 12 oz. soy candle that burns cleaner, longer and cooler; an astounding 70 hours.The Vine soy candles contain only the finest ingredients and offer a variety of traditional as well as aromachology scents guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.

Americans use candles in 7 out of 10 households and candles are purchased by 81% of all consumers, making The Vine Candles fundraising a simple and effective way to raise 
money as well as spread seeds of faith throughout your community with 20 carefully chosen scripture verses that eloquently demonstrate God's love and grace, His provision for our daily struggles, His strength and forgiveness, and message of eternal salvation. 

Buyers absolutely love our quality, beauty, transparent glow, aroma and inspirational message of each candle, making your fundraising more successful year after year. How much money your group raises only depends upon your fundraising goals. Contact us today to put our program to work for you!  

Lisa and Brenda with scented soy candles

Lisa and Brenda

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"Share God's Word One Candle at a Time"

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